Welcome to my beauty blog!

Welcome to my beauty blog! I created this blog because of my love and passion for makeup, skincare and hair. I hope you find this interesting and learn something from my blog. Thanks so much for reading and please follow to show your support!

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Monday, June 21, 2010

BeaUty.mYthS.ThaT.DesERrve.To.Die! - BeauTy.MyThs.BusTed.-ParT.1.

It's not nice to keep secrets. Yet it seems that in the beauty industry there are so many myths and secrets that have been going around for years. I want to bust some of these myths here! Hope you learn something!
Myth #1: More sun = more tan - FALSE! Spending more time in the sun in one sitting actually does not result in a darker tan. We have a natural tanning level that averages about 45 minutes in the sun or 20 minutes in strong sun. This means that our skin becomes saturated and you will actually risk burning rather then tanning more.
Myth #2: The hotter the sun = the darker the tan - FALSE! Temperature has nothing to do with how dark a tan you will get. The best tans actually are achieved not in the peak hours(12pm-4pm). 
Myth #3: Moisturizer with SPF 15 + Foundation with SPF 15 = SPF 30 - FALSE! It is incredible how many people still believe this is true. While it is good to layer sunscreen, you unfortunately cannot add up the protection factor. Using a good SPF 30 minimum is recommended. And make sure to use something broad spectrum(UVA+UVB).
Myth #4: If there's rain and clouds = there's no need for sunscreen - FALSE! The suns rays are not affected by the clouds or the wind. The rays still penetrate the clouds and are still very harmful. Wearing a sunscreen daily is very important. Think about skiers, at the end of the day you can tell if they were wearing sunscreen or not, their faces are red!
Myth #5: "My skin is dark, I am protected! and I don't need sunscreen" - FALSE! Your skin may be better protected from sunburn but you are still prone to premature aging caused by the sun. Try a lower protection sun screen instead.
Myth #6: "A tanning bed is safer for my skin than the sun" - FALSE! Tanning beds are like having the sun right next to your face. The UVA(aging) rays are more intense from a tanning bed and the UVB(burning) rays are less intense. This is why many think tanning beds are better as they do not see immediate burning from the sun. Unfortunately the UVA rays are premature aging your skin and you will see this later in life. Ever see a mature person with a huge brown spot on their cheek? Yup! That's UVA rays at work over years and years of exposure.
Myth #7: Swimming protects against sunburn - FALSE! Water can actually intensify the suns rays as the rays penetrate through and reflect. The cool and fresh feeling may feel like it is stopping the rays but it's not. This is why there is water resistant or waterproof sunscreen.
Myth #8: Only someone overweight can get cellulite - FALSE! Cellulite can affect every woman, no matter if she is skinny or thick. Cellulite is a problem affecting the thighs and butt area in woman that affects how fat is stored and distributed. Basically fat is trapped by stiffened collagen. 
Myth #9: Your hair will grow faster if you cut it - FALSE! This also concerns your nails as if you file them more they will not grow faster. You hair grows from the roots and not the ends. It only seems to grow faster because you are trimming off split end. But cutting hair will not stimulate growth.
Myth #10: Eating Chocolate gives you pimples - FALSE! This has never really been proven. The assumption is likely made because most woman eat more junk food during their period or when they are anxious. If you feel moody, the chocolate will stimulate serotonin or cortisol which will make you feel happy. These two hormones are also responsible for stimulating the oil glands(which can trigger a pimple). 
Myth #11: Oil on an oily skin is BAD! - FALSE! This in fact is the opposite. Oil on an oily skin is great! Many people with oily skin try to rid their skin of oil. It is the excess oil you should be concerned with. If you skin is free of oil, it will actually trigger the oil glands to produce more oil. Oils in products are actually high quality nowadays and absorb quickly rather than building on the skin.
Myth #12: To keep your skin clear - drink 2 litres of water daily - FALSE! First who has the bladder for this?! Second, our bodies are amazing and we have our liver and kidneys to help detox our systems naturally. It's best to listen to your body and drink water only when you are thirsty. Myth #13: You should never wax before or during your period - TRUE! Before or during our periods, hormonal changes can intensify the sensitivity of nerve endings. This means that waxing can be more painful during these times. The best time? After your period.
Myth #14: Filing your nails in one direction, instead of back and forth - will prevent shredding - TRUE! Filing each nail from the corner of the nail toward the middle will help to avoid breakage or splitting. 
Myth #15: Plucking your eyebrows will stop them from growing back - TRUE! Tweezing your eyebrows over years and years can fatigue the hair follicle and in some cases, the hair may not grow back.
Myth #16: You can't make up for lost sleep - Sleep debt is real - TRUE! The average woman needs 7.5 to 8.5 hours of sleep per night. Hours of sleep lost to stress, overworking and late night partying are gone forever!
Myth #17: Your lashes will grow faster if you apply petroleum jelly(Vaseline) to them - FALSE! It may condition the lashes to help strengthen yet it may actually plug the glands on the inner rims of the eyelids that produce tears, flush out debris and protect against infections.
Myth #18: Hypoallergenic products cannot cause allergies - FALSE! This only means that the product is free of common allergens. Usually fragrance free as fragrance is a major irritant. Yet everyone is different  
Myth #19: Cucumbers reduces eye puffiness - FALSE! Yes ladies this one is false. As it is not the cucumber that reduces the puffiness. Ever hear that saying? "As cool as a cucumber", you would never hear someone say put a warm or hot cucumber on your eyes. It is in fact the cold of the cucumber that reduces the puffiness, as does anything cold. The cold causes the blood vessels around the eyes to contract. "That being said, you can lay a dirty sock over your eyes and it could help. As long as it is cold." hahaha!
Myth #20: Brushing your hair 100 times a day makes it shiny - FALSE! I remember being told this as a little girl and trying it. Even counting my brush strokes to make sure I had 100. Brushing your hair too much may actually cause more harm than good, especially if its curly, dyed or damaged.
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mizkimberley said...

this is really good!!! ive heard slot of these ones good to see whats real and not!! x0x

enchi said...

Thanks for this post!!! Now I'm totally ready to change my habits that have resulted from these prove-to-be-false, skincare myths!!!

Keep Posting!!

Much Love,
enchi :3

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