Welcome to my beauty blog!

Welcome to my beauty blog! I created this blog because of my love and passion for makeup, skincare and hair. I hope you find this interesting and learn something from my blog. Thanks so much for reading and please follow to show your support!

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Sunday, June 6, 2010


I often get asked about my hair and how I keep it so healthy and shiny and mostly how I can grow it so long without it being damaged. But growing long, beautiful and healthy hair can be very difficult and it requires common sense, lots of dedication and quite a bit of patience. Don't think that it takes tons of products or pills. But it is important to know that everyone has a length that their hair will not grow past called the "terminal length" it is based on the active growth period of your hair follicles - the growth cycle of individual hair follicles turns on and off according to your genetics. And there is nothing that can go against the predetermined terminal length. 
The first step in the lengthy process of achieving long healthy hair is the most important for sure. It is a must and if you do not follow it you may as well stop your hopes for healthy hair. In order to have healthy hair, you have to start with healthy hair. Means you need to cut off all the hair that is damaged. Since there is no way to "repair" hair you have to chop off the damaged parts. If do not have damaged hair or not a lot of it then you should at least trim. Did you know if you have waist length hair, the hair at the ends will be about 6 years old. It is also important to remember what damages your hair, I do not use a blow dryer ever(only on the very extremely rare occasion that I needed my hair dry fast), instead I allow my hair to air dry and I try and not use any heated appliances on my hair where possible. I do love to straighten my hair but I always put a styling product before hand. 
I guess another reason that I have healthy hair is that I have never dyed my hair before (that's right virgin hair), I know this is not the case for everyone but I do recommend to not do it so often if you must. As well as if you can get away with using something without harsh chemicals such as peroxide or ammonia. Maybe try henna as an alternative. I also do not go swimming much, what I mean by this is that I do not expose my hair to chlorine or saltwater, which can be drying to the hair. If you go often use a clarifying shampoo and if you are blonde use a shampoo that is for getting rid of the green tint that chlorine can leave. 
Something else you can do is go dirty; don't wash your hair every day, instead try washing every other day. As well as do not brush your hair when it is wet as it becomes more elastic like and can break and snap like one. Make sure to not rub your hair too much with your towel, instead gently squeeze out the water. And try and avoid combing or brushing your hair while it is wet.
Another tip is to use cold or luke warm water when washing or rinsing your hair. This will ensure that the cuticle lays flat and is less likely to snap or break, as well as you will have shiny hair.
Once or twice a month I like to treat my tresses to a hydrating mask for the hair. This is just like using a mask for your face. It will help keep your hair shiny and silky as well as help stop breakage.

Here are some pictures of my hair:

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Ansa said...

Your hair is gorgeous. It looks very healthy. :)

Kεℓℓί.Kεℓ§σ said...

You are soo pretty and you seriously have the most beautiful hair, its unreal. I love that bottom pic of you. Ive been trying to grow my hair out for a while now but its really hard because my hair's texture is really soft and fine. When I was younger I over processed my hair way too much (dyed, bleached straightened, curled, I'm surprized I have any left) not knowing that it dosent just bounce back. I'm definately paying for it now. Its one of those situations where if I'd only known then what I know now. I take much better care of my hair now. Sometimes I resort to extensions when I want some length. So yeah thats my hair situation, lol.

Miss Krimson said...

Ansa: thanks hun! yeah my hair is definitely something that people know me for.... haha...One thing though I do not know how to style it!

Kεℓℓί.Kεℓ§σ: And why thank you. I'm a mutt and you know what they say mutts are always pretty :D.... and darling you are beautiful as well!! Yeah damaged hair is really hard to deal with. I always suggest to my customers to try and not over process their hair. I know its fun to change hair colours and all but natural is beautiful too!!


Karen said...

Hey girl, thank you for being my follower! I have changed my blog URL so please follow me under the new one if you would like :)

P.S. Love your hair!

Miss Krimson said...

Karen: No problem! Please follow me as well! thanks!

winter gurl said...

your hair looks healthy ? which shampoo are using ?
I will followed u :)

Miss Krimson said...

winter gurl: Thanks hun! I use different ones all the time but I like to stick to the better quality ones. Ones I have been using as of recently are Big Sexy hair(check out my giveaway to enter to win one of these), L'oreal Professional and Revlon Professional as well as Ecrinal. I find that especially with long hair, using the cheaper mass brands add a film to my hair that weighs it down.

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