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Welcome to my beauty blog! I created this blog because of my love and passion for makeup, skincare and hair. I hope you find this interesting and learn something from my blog. Thanks so much for reading and please follow to show your support!

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Friday, July 16, 2010


Need a change to a boring makeup routine? Spice up any look with false eyelashes! "But it's not that easy!" You say. Oh yes it is! 
I get asked the following questions daily: "Do you wear fake lashes EVERYDAY?" "Can you use the lashes more than once?" "Are they easy to apply?" The answer for all of them is YES! Oh and the famous question: "Which lashes do you use?" The answer is the Quo #806.
Fake eyelash style selection for beginners
Choosing the correct style of lashes for the occasion or for the look that you are trying to achieve is a must. Also each eye shape looks better with certain styles. 
Selecting by eye shape
Small eyes For smaller eyes such as asian eyes it is best to use lashes that are not too long or dramatic. The reason for this is that it can look too over powering and really costume like or stage like. Small eyes also have to be aware of the length of the lash band as lashes come in many lengths and sometimes can be to long for eye shapes. The two styles below are great examples for small eyes. 
(LEFT: Ardell #116 BLACK / RIGHT: Ardell #110 DEMI BLACK)

Large eyes Larger eyes are lucky as almost any style will look good and they can get away with wearing longer and thicker lashes. If a larger eye wants they can use shorter lashes to create a natural look. The two styles below are great examples for large eyes. 
(LEFT: Ardell #113 BLACK / RIGHT: Ardell #116 BLACK)

Round eyes - Round eyes can use lashes with hairs that are the same length across to give a natural look to the eyes or give round eyes a doll eyed look with hairs that are longer at the middle of the strip. To create an almond eye shape try a strip with shorter hairs at one end and longer at the other. The two styles below are great examples for round eyes.
(LEFT: Ardell #109 DEMI BLACK / RIGHT: Ardell #108 DEMI BLACK)

Almond shaped eyes - Almond shaped eyes are the ideal eye shape as they can use many styles of lashes. Using lashes with shorter hairs on the inside and longer lashes on the outside look great and accentuate the almond shape of the eyes. The two styles below are great examples for almond shaped eyes.

Deep set eyes - Deep set eyes tend to hid some of the lashes so longer ones work great here for a dramatic look. Select a shorter length for a more voluminous natural look. The two styles below are great examples for deep set eyes.

(LEFT:Ardell STUNNING / RIGHT: Ardell #136 BLACK)

Fake eyelash application for beginners
Applying fake lashes can seem difficult but it's really simple, just takes some patience and practice. Follow this step by step guide and guaranteed the outcome will be beautiful: 
WHAT YOU'LL NEED - A set of lashes and Lash adhesive(glue)
1. Select the correct style of lashes for your eye shape and occasion and make sure to have all the tools needed.
2. Before you think of putting on false lashes make sure to have already done your eye makeup, including eyeliner. It is a must to apply lashes last.
4. Peel your fake lashes off of the plastic holder carefully and turn upside down.
5. Before applying glue to the lashes, try the lashes on to see if the length is okay. The lashes should start at the outer corner of your eye and fall just before the tear duct in the inner corner of the eye. If the lashes are too long, cut the end of the strip on lash at a time. (MAKE SURE TO DO THIS AWAY FROM YOUR EYES, you may laugh but I know customers who have tried to do this on their eye and end up cutting their real lashes!!)
6. Apply a thin layer of glue along the strip of the lashes. Make sure to concentrate on the corners.
7. Let lashes dry for about 10 seconds before application as this allows the glue to get tacky and eases the chance of the lashes sliding.
8. Turn lashes the right way and the eye that you are applying the lashes to.
9. Place the lashes on lash line, as close to the lashes as possible. Push the lashes gently in and upwards.
10. Open your eyes and make any adjustments.
AT THIS TIME YOU CAN APPLY MASCARA TO BLEND THE LASHES. However this may cause the lashes to have a shorter life. I use my lashes everyday for 3 weeks per set.

Check out this video from Ardell on application
Fake eyelash removal for beginners
WooHOOO! You put them on. After a day of fun or a night of partying you are faced with one problem: how to get the fake lashes off!!!

The way I do it is by pulling them off from the inner corner, pulling outward. I find I do not lose any lashes. HOWEVER, if you are nervous about this method, follow this fool proof method:
WHAT YOU NEED: Lash glue remover/Q-tip(cotton swab)
1. First make sure you treat the lashes with care if you want to use them again.
2. Apply lash remover to a cotton swab and gently tap it on the base of the lashes, this will loosen the lash glue.  Let it sit for a couple seconds. 
3. When the lashes are lose enough, they should slide right off, pull the lashes off gently. 
4. To remove eyelash glue traces on the lid, use more lash glue remover.
5. Cleanse the rest of the eyes and face with makeup remover and a cleanser.
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Kristie said...

Awesome post! This would be very good for makeup beginners.

Marie said...

This is a great and informative post!:D

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Pawssies said...

nice post! i love eyelashes!!!

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Jennifae said...

Great post and very helpful! Thanks for sharing. ^^

kissyfur said...

Thank you for the perfect intro to lash wearing. I have been wearing them daily for years.
I would love to try Quo lashes. How do I find them?

Miss Krimson said...

kissyfur: no problem! Quo lashes are found at shoppers drug mart..... U have a contest happening on youtube to win some!

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