Welcome to my beauty blog!

Welcome to my beauty blog! I created this blog because of my love and passion for makeup, skincare and hair. I hope you find this interesting and learn something from my blog. Thanks so much for reading and please follow to show your support!

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Saturday, August 28, 2010


FACT #1: There are 3 billion women who do NOT look like supermodels
FACT #2: Marilyn Monroe wore a size 14
FACT #3: If Barbie were real, she would probably fall over and have to walk on all fours because of her crazy proportions.
FACT #4: An average woman weighs about 144 lbs and wears between sizes 12-14.
FACT #5: 1 of every 4 "college aged" women has an eating disorder
FACT #6: A 1995 psychological study found that when a panel of women spent 3 minutes looking at fashion magazines, it caused 70% of the women to feel depressed, guilty and shameful.
FACT #7: Twenty years ago models weighed 8% less than   the average woman. Now, they weigh 23% less.
FACT #8: Ancient Greek women applied curdle milk on their face in hopes to cure acne.
FACT #9: Ancient Greek women applied cucumber juice on freckles in order to get rid of them.
FACT #10: Ancient Greek women applied crocodile fat on their wrinkles in hopes of getting rid of them.
FACT #11: Ancient Egyptians didn't just use perfume to smell good, they drank it as medicine to help with kidney, lung, intestinal and liver problems. But don't freak, they were made of flowers, honey, wine and berries.
FACT #12: Ancient Greek women would bleach their hair with arsenic in hopes of havin blond hair because blonds were few and they wanted to achieve the 'exotic' look.
FACT #13: Fish or bird poop face mask anyone? This ritual has been practiced by Japanese women in hopes of a smoother and clearer complexion. It is now offered in high end spas in Japan.
FACT #14: Ticklish feet? You probably would not be able to have a foot treatment using the Gara Rufa fish, which eats away at your feet, removing dead skin cells in only 15 minutes.
FACT #15: Want to know how Cleopatra seduced both Julius Caesar and Mark Anthony? She did it with her glowing skin, she got it my using dead sea salt. It worked by cleansing and detoxifying. 
FACT #16: Caviar: Salted and processed fish eggs, usually being sturgeon. Today, in many spas in America, Caviar facials are in demand. Usually ranging about $185 for a 90 minute session. The caviar used is from Switzerland and is frozen and dried. Apparently this facial lifts, fights aging, lessens wrinkles and makes you look younger.
FACT #17: A facial.... for your butt? In spas in Miami, LA and New York, butt facials are one of their most popular services. For only $650 to $850, you can have an hour of butt work done to make your behind tight and smooth. You can also get it scrubbed to heal acne or cellulite. This can be paired with microdermabrasion for a more polished feel.
FACT #18: Want to have the carpets match the drapes? Now you can with pubic hair colouring. A brand called Betty Beauty offers colours in blonde, brown, black, hot pink, auburn and blue.
FACT #19: Have a bad hair day? No products helping? Well there's always bull semen conditioner! This odd treatmencalled "Viara for the hair" often costs abouaround £85 in London. It is composed of the semen of an Aberdeen Angus Bull plus extracts from Katera, a kind of Iranian plant.
The bull semen can add shine and strength to your hair. You just have to massage it into your scalp and leave it for about 30 minutes, before rinsing. Don’t worry, it’s odourless!
All of these are true..... have any of you ventured and tried any of these treatments? Would you?
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Michelle Chic said...

bull semen? really? that's way extreme! nice post! very informative!

Anonymous said...

THAT was nasty -_-

but yes, us females are crazy like that.

Hell Notes for Beauty™ said...

Lovely and Very rare image of marilyn. great post.

aizel camille said...

that runway model is stick thin.. goodness!

Ancient people applied/ used weird things, but I'm sure the principles involved are acceptable. =)

NICE post! =) I enjoyed reading it..

Sarah said...

WOWZER. Serioulsy awesome post, loved it.

Jasmine said...

Really interesting...and funny facts.

Ive always found dat Marilyn Monroe was a beaitfull woman, especially her figure.

I really dislike skinny woman, especially fashionmodels. It doesnt look healthy to me, and I like to see woman with curves. Ive been too skinny for the most part of my life and trust me, its not all that. always cold, nothing to wear(cause you dont fill out your clothes), always sick, etc. Nowadays Ive got me some cruves and i LOVE them!

Woman should be proud of their curves!

Dizzy said...

Great post I love the little fun facts!

Karen said...

Aw.. bull semen and crocodile fat? This post is an eye-opener for us girls. I learned a lot about the oppression and objectification of women across the world in one of my Psychology classes.. the facts show how societies and the media degrade women and force them to feel insecure and lacking. Thanks for sharing!

Miss Krimson said...

Michelle Chic: I know right?! ew! dunno if i would do it....

Miryam Quendo: oh yes we are... i mean im sure there are some icky ingredients in cosmetics that we don't even know of .... :S

Hell Notes for Beauty: thanks babe.. yeah she is beautiful even at size 14

aizel camille: she deff is thin as can be... not my style.. and thanks... glad you liked it

Sarah: awwww. thanks babes... happy you liked it!

Jasmine: :D thanks! happy that you are happy in your own skin now :D curvy is sexy. but everyone is beautiful the way they are!

Dizzy: thanks sweety!

EVERYONE: I guess i can assume that more posts like this are welcome?! be sure to see more with these fab comments :D


BLIX said...

Awesome post! I wish more women would appreciate themselves the way they are. So they wouldn't have to work so hard (and use crazy products!) and be so hard on themselves, to be something they aren't.

Miss Krimson said...

BLIX: Thanks hun. yup, unfortunately self esteem is something that is hard to achieve for some.


Anonymous said...

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