Welcome to my beauty blog!

Welcome to my beauty blog! I created this blog because of my love and passion for makeup, skincare and hair. I hope you find this interesting and learn something from my blog. Thanks so much for reading and please follow to show your support!

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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Do.You.HaVe.A.CraTer.FaCe.? -EnLarGed.PoRes.

What do you think this is?
Bet you didn't guess it was a magnified pore.

On average, each of us have 20,000 of these pores just on our face. And if you have a close look at your face you might be able to see some of them. Some of you might even wish that you could do the "shrinking" effect on them, as you may consider them large. But I am sure all of you have heard that they can actually be shrunk, is this true?

Pores are more chances then none, noticed because they can cause problems on the skin such as acne and oily skin. But they do more good then you think; these small opening on the skin are the end for hair follicles, sweat glands and oil glands. They are a passage way for you body to flush toxins out, control temperature and moisturize the skin naturally. The pores are the ones that allow our bodies to cool down when we get hot; sweat.
So are we able to shrink pores? Unfortunately the answer is no. Pores don't have muscles, therefore they cannot open or close. Think of your earlobe. If you were to stretch it out, it would be nearly impossible to shrink it back to normal size. The good news? You can minimize the appearance of them.
Great! So we can't make them physically smaller. But how do they get that way? A study done by dermatologists (British Journal of Dermatology) found that 3 main causes of large pores are:  1. oily skin-people who have oily skin usually have larger pores. This happens when the oil and dirt collect on the skin, making the skin swell and therefore the result is larger looking pores. 2. Age-with age our skin loses its elasticity there for the pores stretch and look bigger. Damage from the sun causes aging and it makes the skin thicken causing dead skin cells to collect around the edges of the pores, which in turn stretch them out. and 3. Gender- Generally men have larger pores then women.(YAY!) But women may have enlarged pores during hormonal changes such as our "monthly gift".(NOO!)
Well those don't help right? We can't change them! (insert angry/annoyed face)!! 
But don't worry ladies we can change that with these 10 tips:
1. Start with the basics. Keep your face clean. Cleaning should be done twice a day.
2. Use products that are non-comedogenic(don't clog the pores) and that are oil-free.
3. Use a primer before makeup to blur the look of pores. I suggest the Smashbox photo finish primer as it is oil free.
4. Try microdermabrasion to help clean the pores and smooth the skin.
5. Use a detoxifying or purifying mask once or twice a week to keep pores free of impurities. I suggest the Pur minerals Mineral Mudd Masque. This mask contains pascalite, which was used many years ago to remove poison from a snake bite.
6. Try pore strips. These are an instant fix to remove impurities from pores. But remember to use them maximum 3 times per week.
7. Exfoliate the skin up to 3 times per week to ensure there is no dead skin cells on the surface of the skin, therefore they won't clog the pores. I suggest using something with synthetic beads as they are round and won't tear the skin.
8. Use sunscreen every day to prevent signs of aging and loss of elasticity.
9. Avoid poking, popping or picking pimples as this will only stretch your pores further and can even cause scarring.
10. Use products that have illuminating benefits. If you use these light-diffusing products you can create the illusion of no pores.

DID YOU KNOW? That your pores are laid out in a unique pattern like your finger prints.

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Chrys Elle said...

Haha, I liked this post! I was scared to click on the link to come to the blog though because I'm afraid of that picture! =P It freaks the hell out of me because I have a phobia of a cluster of circles, lol. I cannot believe pores actually look like that up close. =S

naturalnchicmakeup said...

Great post. I do feel like my pores are large craters. The 10x mirror doesn't help either!

Miss Krimson said...

Yeah I was shocked when I found this photo as well...it's awesome though! Shows you up close. And thanks for the follow chrys elle!

Kεℓℓί.Kεℓ§σ said...

Thanks for writing this article, I really enjoyed reading it. I have larger pores on my cheeks right be side my nose and they drive me crazy! Lately Ive been using Revlon Photo Ready and I feel that it actually does have that illuminating effect, making them harder to see.

Thanks for another great post!!

Joanne J said...

Thanks for sharing this information!

Kelly Hudson said...

Thank you for sending me this link. I did find it very interesting and learned a few things. Thank you for your help!

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