Welcome to my beauty blog!

Welcome to my beauty blog! I created this blog because of my love and passion for makeup, skincare and hair. I hope you find this interesting and learn something from my blog. Thanks so much for reading and please follow to show your support!

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Thursday, June 10, 2010

RaCCooN.AttAck!. - DarK.CircLEs.aRe.ReaLLy.AnnOying.

Just about everyone has experienced them. And unfortunately they are very difficult to get rid of. But don't feel bad! Dark circles are a just simply a fact of life. However there is nothing nice or attractive about them. Even if you aren't tired and you have dark circles, they make you look tired or make you look old or sick.
Dark circles around the eyes are caused by many factors. These factors include: 
Heredity - Majority of the times the darkness under the eyes can be blood vessels that show through the skin as the skin around the eyes are the thinnest skin on the body (~0.5mm) And like varicose veins, the darkness is inherited. If a vein is close to the surface of the skin, the blood in it can cause a bluish hint on the surface. 
Allergies,asthma, eczema - If there is any case that they eyes itch then there is most likely rubbing or scratching around them causing dark circles.
medications, health - Some medications can cause the veins to dilate and then the circles darken. Sometimes it can be because of bad blood circulation. Another factor is not drinking enough water(dehydration). 
Sometimes unfortunately the skin around the eye can be darker itself(which is the hardest to treat). This is when melanin is produced more around the eyes and is called Periorbital hyper pigmentation. When the top layer of the skin has more melanin(epidermis) the skin can appear brown and when the bottom layer(dermis) has more melanin it appears blue or blue grey on the surface.
A lot of the times too there can be a build up of toxins in the eye area.
Anemia - A factor that a lot of people do not know that affects dark circles is their diet. If you are lacking nutrients or lack a balanced diet, you can definitely see darkness around the eyes. Iron deficiency is a sign that there is not enough oxygen going in the body.
Fatigue - Not enough sleep can cause the skin to look pale, making the blood below the skin appear more.
Age - Usually dark circles become more prominent with age as the skin loses elasticity and the skin becomes thinner and more translucent. 
So what are we to do?
Many of us who are concerned with dark circles probably have tried many treatments and not have found one that we like. Usually resorting with makeup. Although there are certain ingredients and treatments that prove to be at least a bit effective to make dark circles appear less noticeable. Ingredients to look for are caffeine which helps to promote circulation and removes toxins. Ginseng which helps brighten. Vitamin K which helps circulation and brightens. I would not recommend bleaching or whitening creams around the eyes unless you consult a doctor first. There are a few products that I recommend often for dark circles: Biotherm Hydra detox eye gel, Biotherm Multi Recharge eye gel, Neostrata Dark circle capsules, any eye cream with sunscreen or a sunscreen meant for the eye area and a good nights sleep!
Definitely using a good concealer helps and if you have really bad dark circles use a corrector first. I recommend the Covergirl simply ageless Yellow corrector or the Lise Watier corrector wheel. As for concealer I suggest Smashbox HD concealer or the Benefit Erase paste which brightens and conceals.
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I have raccoon eyes too and I hate it! Very informative post. I'm curious to try neostrata eye capsule. Thanks for the info! Cheers!

Anonymous said...

I look like that in the morning. A little bit of make-up and it's gone.

aizel camille said...

nice post! thanks for the information... =)

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