Welcome to my beauty blog!

Welcome to my beauty blog! I created this blog because of my love and passion for makeup, skincare and hair. I hope you find this interesting and learn something from my blog. Thanks so much for reading and please follow to show your support!

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Thursday, January 6, 2011

NOTD: PurpleHeart

I picked up a few polishes from GOSH the other day, and this was one of them. I was really excited for the colour/effect of the polish, since it looks so cool in the bottle. However, to my disappointment, the pay off was definitely not what I expected. In the bottle it looked to be a deep purple with a reflection of green and different colours. However, as you can see from the photo, the polish is simply, a deep purple. Good thing, that I like purple polishes...! What do you think? Have you tried this polish? 


Anonymous said...

Love this polish, have you ever tried Avon's Nailwear Pro Nail Enamel, I carry a lot of beautiful colors that will suit you perfectly at a low price of $2.99, please visit my site youravon.com/ teliahhaywood to browse through my collection. Our newest colors are Night Violet ( which is a plum color) & Gunmetal ( which is a sultry shimmery silver). Happy shopping!!!

rhaindropz said...

hi hun..

i have already viewed your video ^_^ and luckily i won.. thank you so much ^_^ can i have a request? can you please send me photo of you with some love at the back of the picture so i can have a souvenir from a beauty blogger from afar ^_^ please please please ^_^

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much love,

Dizzy said...

Love the color, very pretty.

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