Welcome to my beauty blog!

Welcome to my beauty blog! I created this blog because of my love and passion for makeup, skincare and hair. I hope you find this interesting and learn something from my blog. Thanks so much for reading and please follow to show your support!

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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

SNEAK PEEK: "Shine like an actress" Anna Sui makeup spring/summer2011

So today I was fortunate enough to attend the Anna Sui training session here in Vancouver, to learn about the new makeup coming out this year. This year will feature a whole new lip collection, fun packaging and awesome gift with purchases. As usual the products are all fun and cute. So rather then just talk about them, I hope you enjoy these exclusive photos, sorry some are not the best quality, they were taken with my phone camera!

What do you think of this years collections by Anna Sui? Will you pick some of these up?


Hell Notes for Beauty™ said...

oh gish lucky you. Very nice collection, I love the model her makeup is gorgeous.

Clara said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Clara said...

where do they even give out gift with purchase?? shoppers? I've never seen..!

Clara said...

ooh and when is it released in vancouver? is it going to be at shoppers? i gotta get the double cheek color omg!

Miss Krimson said...

@Hell notes for beauty: i know! i love it :)
@clara: yes they will be at shoppers. and usually you have to ask about the gwp. and its with $60 or more.... just ask them to call you when they have the gwp in

Clara said...

thank you so much <3

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