Welcome to my beauty blog!

Welcome to my beauty blog! I created this blog because of my love and passion for makeup, skincare and hair. I hope you find this interesting and learn something from my blog. Thanks so much for reading and please follow to show your support!

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Saturday, March 19, 2011

QuEstiOn.oF.tHe.Day.aNd.My Brush Collection

I find it funny sometimes, well maybe not funny, but interesting when I find myself in front of a customer who asks me if it is REALLY necessary to use brushes to apply makeup.
Of course, there is no 'Right' way to put on makeup, but I think that brushes make ALL the difference in application. 
Now of course this excludes those amazing artists who can apply beautiful makeup with just their fingers or a cotton swab. But, for myself I need brushes!
This post would not be complete if I did not have a picture of my brush collection.... well here is most of it.... I'm pretty sure I have more hiding somewhere. 
It's a lot, but really it's not a lot to me, as an artist. 
Looking at my brushes I thought to myself, first, I have a lot of the same brushes. And second, I tend to stick to the same few brands of brushes. I have brushes from Smashbox, Coverfx, Dior, Pur minerals, Bare Minerals, Quo and good old Dollar store brushes(mainly for special effects makeup). My favourite are the first three. 
So, the purpose of this post really is to show you my brush collection and to ask you a few questions:
1. Do you use makeup brushes? or use your fingers/cotton swabs?
2. Which brand(s) of brush are your favourite?


kristinleigh said...

Nice collection =) Good brushes definitely make a difference. However, it doesn't always mean there's no other way to get the same effect. I'd rather make it easy on myself and use the better quality brushes for my application. But I also do like to use my fingers to apply and blend when time doesn't permit. I also noticed that applying blush with a cotton ball is actually a pretty good idea. The color payoff it gives is amazing!

I have brushes mostly from MAC, Bobbi Brown, and Sigma, and some Estee Lauder. I also use some paint brushes I used to have from high school haha.


Anni said...

I always use brushes!
I have a few, but they don't have a brand on them.
Also I have a MAC 217 and Pencil Brush from sigma, they are my favorites and i used them ALL THE TIME :)


Cari said...

I use brushes for the eyes...its just a must but for foundation on myself I'll use fingers sometimes to warm it up and help it go on smoothly. I have a mixture of brushes and will be adding a couple more very soon.


mjkennedy33 said...

i am with you girl i can never have enough!! i am a makeup artist also and new to blogger would love some feedback and follow :)


Miss Krimson said...

@ kristinleigh: Thanks! I totally agree with you.. whatever works right? thats why we are artists.... :)

@ Anni: :) can you believe that I do not own a single MAC brush... crazy hey...

@ Cari: Fingers are great for foundation.. thanks for sharing :)

@ mjkennedy33: Yeah brushes are something that I don't mind getting doubles or triples of... and i will deff check you out :)


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