Welcome to my beauty blog!

Welcome to my beauty blog! I created this blog because of my love and passion for makeup, skincare and hair. I hope you find this interesting and learn something from my blog. Thanks so much for reading and please follow to show your support!

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Thursday, June 3, 2010


It is always a constant battle between department store makeup brands versus drugstore makeup brands. But when should you splurge and when should you be budget friendly? Well here is a secret dispelled; many of the drugstore products are made by the same manufacturers, in the same factories, as high-priced department store brands. A lot of the what you pay for from a department store brand is the luxurious packaging, the stylish magazine advertisements and everyone in the companies wages. Nowadays, there are great products from all price points. But don't get me wrong! There are times where it is worth very much to splurge.
I find that each brand whether it is expensive or not has its good products. However sometimes the price definitely is all about the quality. One thing you have to think of is that drugstore brands will do the job of a department store but you might find that it doesn't stay as long or the colours don't show up as pigmented. 
Check out my thoughts on each product and some recommendations:
Liquid foundation: Using a drugstore brand of foundation is actually sometimes better. Not all liquids are made the same, therefore you can find all different coverages and consistencies. I think a difference in liquid foundations would be ingredients. Nowadays the department store brands are making foundations with skin care benefits as well. And the drugstore ones are more about coverage. A problem I do run into with drugstore brands  though is that there are hardly ever testers as well as I don't think the colour selections are very good. I can only find my foundation colour in one drugstore brand that my store carries! But honestly you can make a drugstore brand of foundation look great with a good quality brush.
If you like:
Full coverage - Try Revlon Colour stay(they have a formulation for dry skin, normal skin, and combo to oily skin)
'Natural' coverage - Try L'oreal True match(this is great for any skin type but oily skin will LOVE this as it is oil-free)
Sheer coverage - Try Marcelle tinted moisturizer(this blends easily and is forgivable with the colour)
Powder foundation: I find there isn't really a 'good' powder foundation in drugstore brands as far as getting coverage from them, unless you go for more of the derm brand. As earlier mentioned colour is always a factor as there are not many choices for anyone with a tan or darker. The ingredients again are a main difference because sometimes some of the drugstore brands use ingredients called "fillers" which are usually not good for the skin. This is where it may be better to splurge.
If you like:
Full coverage - Try Coverfx: Powder fx(this stuff is awesome for all skin types but especially an oily skin, it is oil-free and paraben free) and I use it!
Sheer to medium coverage - Try L'oreal True match(They have a great guideline to find your undertone as there usually are no testers)
Foundation primer: I definitely recommend splurging on a primer because using a great quality primer will help to create a professional result in the end, even if the rest of the makeup you are using are drugstore brands.
If you have:
oily skin - Try any Smashbox photo finish primer especially the Light version
dry skin - Try any Smashbox photo finish primer
OR budget friendly(just for those who want) - Try GOSH velvet touch primer or Revlon Beyond Natural smoothing primer
Eyeshadow: Using either a drugstore brand or a department store brand of eyeshadow can be good as it all depends on the look that you are trying to achieve. You don't have to splurge unless there is a specific colour that you cannot find in a drugstore brand. A lot of the time the main difference is the texture(sometimes they can be dry or almost feel creamy) as well as the pigment load. A problem I find with some drugstore brands is the staying power as well sometimes they don't show the same as in the container.
If you want:
Rich pigments - Try L'oreal eyeshadows or Revlon eyeshadows or try a loose pigment like the Annabelle Mineral Pigment dust or the GOSH effect powder
Sheer pigments - Try Rimmel eyeshadows or lighter colours
Eyeshadow primer: This is another area where I suggest to splurge. I recommend the Smashbox photo finish lid primer or the Benefit Stay, Don't stray eye primer or even the Lise Watier Transformix
Eyebrow pencils: This is an area where I think it really is more about a personal choice as far as texture and colour. With department store brands you can however try on the products as well as you have a large choice in colours. I really like the Dior eyebrow pencils as they go on like a powder and look natural as well as they range in colour from Black to Blonde. However I have found that Annabelle has great pencils as well.
Eyeliner pencils: Another area of personal choice, all because each pencil can have a different texture(be more creamy or more stiff) You can definitely find great quality pencils from drugstore brands. I especially like the Annabelle pencils(they are soft enough but do not smudge easily) or the Revlon colour stay pencils(they are twist up)
Liquid eyeliners: You definitely do not have to splurge on this because drugstore brands make awesome liquids that stay very well. The one that I favour is the Maybelline waterproof(it has a sponge tip) if you like a brush applicator I suggest the one from L'oreal.
Mascaras: Check out my post about mascaras because this is definitely a personal choice.
Fake eyelashes: Drugstore brands are totally okay in the section. Fake lashes can get expensive especially if you use them often or every day like me. But it all depends on the style that you want to go for. I love the QUO brand of lashes(they use real human hair and I use them everyday) or you can try the Ardell ones(they are fabulous).
Lipgloss: I will not say to spend more money on a lipgloss unless you love a colour. Lip glosses for the most part are all the same except for texture and smell. Try the Revlon glosses or the Annabelle glosses. Check out my post about lip glosses
Lipstick: As everyone has their own taste in colour and texture, I would say that you don't have to spend more on lipsticks. Try Revlon colour stay lipsticks or L'oreal lipsticks, I find they have great colour selection as well as the texture of the lipstick is smooth and creamy but not thick feeling.
Blush: I find this can be a either or, because you can find great colours in both but depends on the rest of your makeup colours. Sometimes drugstore brands don't have much pigment therefore you have to apply a lot of product. Try Annabelle blushes or Revlon blushes or GOSH blushes. I really love Smashbox blushes however. 
Bronzer: This can be a tricky area because some bronzers can make you look orange rather than bronzed. I find that the Rimmel bronzers are quite popular. A great one that never fails to look good is the Benefit Hoola.
Makeup brushes: A must to splurge! I believe good quality brushes make all the difference. If you have good quality and you use inexpensive makeup, you can still achieve a great result. Check out my post about brushes.

I hope this helped explain how to determine if you should spend more on certain makeup items or not. If you have any questions at all let me know! I would be happy to recommend an alternative product for you if you have a department store product you want but can't afford.

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Ashley said...

Great blog!

I'm following you :)

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Kεℓℓί.Kεℓ§σ said...

And yet agian another great post. Im always on the hunt for a bargian and I believe there are a lot of drugstore products that are as good as the high end make up. I also totally agree that they're times when its okay to splurge.

Miss Krimson said...

Ashley : thanks for dropping by and following, I followed yours and yes i entered your giveaway! Check mine out too!

Kεℓℓί.Kεℓ§σ: Thanks again babe! you are awesome! thanks for the post idea! keep them coming! and yes it is okay to splurge sometimes ... because you know you only live once and if its for you... you will definitely enjoy it!

Ansa said...

This post is great! Very informative. I love your blog

O.J.Life said...

Thank you for following;) now I am following you too;)

Miss Krimson said...

Ansa: Thanks hun! I love blogging :D

O.J.Life: thanks for following!!


Miss Krimson said...

Ansa: Thanks hun! I love blogging :D

O.J.Life: thanks for following!!


thhjasmine said...

you have really great advice and tips on your blog,just reading through :-}
thx for finding me!

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