Welcome to my beauty blog!

Welcome to my beauty blog! I created this blog because of my love and passion for makeup, skincare and hair. I hope you find this interesting and learn something from my blog. Thanks so much for reading and please follow to show your support!

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Saturday, June 5, 2010

ProduCt.ReViEw.- SmaSHboX.HaLo.HyDraTing.PeRfecTinG.PowDer.

The Product: Smashbox Halo Hydrating Perfecting Powder
Claim to fame: This little puppy definitely is must try! The first of its kind; a powder that is anti aging with skincare built in. It is a skin perfecting powder that contains 48 minerals, 11 amino acids and a powerful peptide that provide anti aging benefits. Using the patented hyro-gel technology to continuously hydrates the skin. It also has a shaver built in to provide the perfect amount without mess. Plus it is oil free, talc free and paraben free. It is also the winner of HBA(Health and Beauty America) international package design award.
Key ingredients: 48 minerals that allow the skin to break. 11 amino acids which nourish and protect the skin. Hydro-gel to continuously hydrate the skin. Gold to add radiance and is an antioxidant. 
Pros: Great for all skin types. Can get a sheer to full coverage. I really like it because I noticed that it made my skin smoother and healthier. Comes with a brush. Is much cheaper than most brands. Comes in four colours that are very forgiving. They actually have colour memory in it which means that it matches your colour. 
Cons: I cannot honestly think of any! Except that it might look expensive at first. But if you know that it is larger than most powders by at least 3 times. Plus it includes a brush!
The bottom line:
Price: $72CDN for 21 grams
Rating: ☆☆☆☆☆/☆☆☆☆☆
Where to get it: Beauty boutique @ Shoppers drugmart, Sephora, Smashbox online

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